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Night Birds, a dark fantasy novel by Lisa Snellings and Alan M. Clark.

In Night Birds, Lucy’s grandmother, Annie Maude, may be a witch, her school’s lunch lady might be a murderer, and a mysterious figure stalks her in the small South Carolina town where she lives. The chapters consider themes of mental illness, religion, sexual orientation, witchcraft, and death as seen through the eyes of this plucky girl growing up in a haunted house in the 1960’s. Charming, provocative, funny, and creepy as Hell, Night Birds will shake you up before leaving you all warm and fuzzy inside.

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Fallen Giants of the Points, the new adventure novel by Alan M. Clark.

A novel inspired in part by the early gangs of New York, this sprawling adventure is also a western, a coming of age story, and a tale of redemption that carries readers from the streets of infamous Five Points, New York City in the 1840s to Gold Rush era San Francisco. Told from the point of view of two dauntless orphaned children, Alta Mae and Cedric, the narrative provides a fresh and at times innocently humorous perspective on the grim realities for homeless children of the period and the hardships of western migration. Raised on the streets and resorting to petty crime to get by, they are filled with the bigotries their older brother, a nativist Bowery Boy gang member, gave them. He sells them into servitude and joins up to fight in California during the Mexican American War. Since he’s the only family the children have ever known, they escape service and head west to find him. With experiences along the way that put the lie to their bigotries, they are no longer the children their brother groomed to hate when they arrive.

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Free on YouTube, THE CHRISTMAS THINGY, a children’s book by F. Paul Wilson, illustrated by Alan M. Clark, narrated by Harley Jane Kozak.

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