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Alan M. Clark—Artistic Statements

Good art, visual or written, challenges one’s perception. We all need our assumptions of the world and our place in it shaken up from time to time.

In visual art, I work create images that are compelling in a narrative manner. Each image suggests relationships that begin a story within the imagination, but those stories are left open to interpretation. With my choice of subject matter, I try to present more questions than answers. I provide perhaps three out of five elements of a story, then allow my audience to take it from there. I believe that if audience participates in the creative process in this way, they carry the experience beyond the picture plane. Then I’ve succeeded in creating something more than a portrait, landscape, still-life, or frozen action scene, something much more memorable and rewarding.

In writing, I try to put my audience in the shoes of interesting characters, ones with fascinating emotional motivations. Most of the novels I’ve written are what I call Historical Terror: Horror that Happened, involving criminals or victims of crimes from history. When I learn about people who committed extraordinary or outrageous acts, the information available about the deeds often lacks emotional context. I’m fascinated by events in history that reveals that some extraordinary decision was made by a human being. I’ve often found good writing material when I find a incident in which I have to ask myself, how did the people involved find what they did to be reasonable? To write a novel about those events in which the characters motivations are clear to the reader, is a fun sort of puzzle and no mean feat, as audiences intuitively know what’s reasonable.

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Alan M. Clark grew up in Tennessee in a house full of bones and old medical books. He has created illustrations for hundreds of books, including works of fiction of various genres, nonfiction, textbooks, young adult fiction, and children’s books. Awards for his illustration work include the World Fantasy Award and four Chesley Awards. He is the author of 17 books, including 11 novels, a lavishly illustrated novella, four collections of fiction, and a nonfiction full-color book of his artwork. His latest novel, Apologies to the Cat’s meat man, was releases in April 2017.

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