My latest novel, The Door That Faced West, is out now from Lazy Fascist Press.

Here’s what people are saying about it:

“It is not hyperbole to say that Alan M. Clark’s The Door That Faced West left me absolutely stunned. A thoughtfully haunting blend of historical fiction and thriller, this is one of Clark’s best works to date, across any medium. Simply amazing, and undoubtedly one of the best books you’ll read this year.”

Brian Keene, bestselling author of The Rising and Ghoul

Alan M. Clark is a master of the dreadful. The Door That Faced West through Lazy Fascist Press is absolutely brutal. Definitely not to be missed.

Molly Tanzer, author of A Pretty Mouth and Rumbullion and Other Liminal Libations

The Door That Faced West opened, and I was fast on the trail with savage murderers, the Harpe Brothers. In the Post-Revolutionary War Era, they were infamous marauders attacking and killing travelers between towns on their way to “The Wilderness” – The West. Through the eyes of the downtrodden women who followed them willingly to escape the abuse from their fathers, Alan M. Clark tells a powerful tale of choosing the lesser of two evils and does it to perfection.”

Rena Mason, author of The Evolutionist and East End Girls

Dilation Exercise 86

In an effort to promote my new novel, The Door That Faced West, due for release in February 2014 from Lazy Fascist Press, I created the Dilation Exercise below based on a scene in the story. The novel is inspired by the earliest known American serial killers, the Harp brothers, Wiley and Micajah, and the three wives they shared. Comments are welcome, but please do not expand on this storyline when you do so.

Knowing she could not complete the work her father, Reverend Rice, had given her, Sadie looked at the threshold that led to the outside with the nagging feeling that she had to use the door before he did.

Even as she decided she had to take the way out and keep going, he arrived home early and took a black step inside, a cruel suspicion darkening his eyes and mouth as he stared at her.

Artwork: “Reverend Rice” copyright © 2013 Alan M. Clark. Interior illustration for The Door that Faced West

—Alan M. Clark
Eugene, Oregon