Dilation Exercise 75

Below you’ll find Alan M. Clark’s weekly Dilation Exercise. Please look at the picture, read the caption, above and below the image, and allow your imagination to go to work on it. If the artwork inspires an idea, please use the comment feature to tell us something about it. Need a further explanation? Go to Imagination Workout—The Dilation Exercises.

The scarecrow got a new head every October, and with it came new thoughts and desires that lasted until the gourd rotted.

Usually these notions were harmless cravings for sweets and running free in the night unsupervised, but this year the boy who carved the head had been watching a horror movie while he worked, and that turned out to be pure inspiration for the scarecrow.

Artwork: “Hallows Eve” copyright © 2003 Alan M. Clark. Cover art for Hallows Eve, by Al Sarrantonio, published by Cemetery Dance Publications.

Captions are original to this post and have nothing to do with the literary project with which the artwork first appeared.

—Alan M. Clark
Eugene, Oregon