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Black Leather

a novel by Elizabeth Engstrom

A suspense thriller with a murder mystery at its heart, Black Leather begins with two blonde sisters, one black husband and a murdered Navajo. Reality becomes increasingly uncertain as a husband works to help his accused wife. Evidence isn’t what it seems to be, neither woman is who she seems to be, and all three hold close their dark secrets. His long-repressed temptations resurface as he slides deeper and deeper into the sisters’ sleazy world of black leather, racial preferences, razor sharp toys and mistaken identities. Is he married to a murderer, or just sleeping with one? One thing is for sure—both women are trouble, and he can’t stay away. A dark erotic thriller by the internationally-acclaimed Elizabeth Engstrom.

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D.D. Murphry, Secret Policeman

a novel by Alan M. Clark and Elizabeth Massie.

She is Catherine Weatherhead, and she D.D. Murphry, Secret Policeman, fights the crimes nobody else can see or believe. Despite the daily perils and without praise, he lives a hard life on the street as a homeless man while pursuing the most dangerous criminals. Ordinary people sleep secure in their beds never knowing they owe their happiness to the one man who stands alone against the hidden evildoers: D. D. Murphry, Secret Policeman.

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Beware the Boojum

a novellette by Eric Witchey

If love conquers all and the standard model of particle physics only accounts for 5% of the universe, then... 

This scifi novelette by award-winning writer Eric M. Witchey pits loneliness and love against the forces of corporate greed and narrow-mindedness. When isolated, almost totally insane asteroid miner Bracken MacFie sets his sights on being reunited with the lost love of his life, who is absolutely, totally bat shit nuts, he must overcome the ambitions of the man who separated them and the avarice of institutions. Luckily, he's nearly insane and incapable of knowing he should lose.

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The Man in the Loon

a novel by Mitch Luckett

They’re back: Harp P. Gravey, wounded offbeat troubadour, Medusa, his mutt-ly sidekick, and Qo-oo-la, his avian avatar. Here, too, are April Old Wolf, the beautiful veterinarian, and her semi-shaman dad, Malcomb, Harp’s guide into a world of magic. Throw in a needy ten-year old boy, a pig with a badge, a crow with a bad attitude, plus a host of other unforgettable characters and you have The Man in the Loon—the sequel to To Kill a Common Loon. Like the first story, The Man in the Loon dishes out an appetizing murder mystery cooked up in a quirky, eco-friendly tour de force. There is a rash of local high-school football players dropping dead, a mystical, burning totem pole, a series of catastrophic earthquakes, and an ages-old wrong that needs to be righted before it is too late for humankind. Join Harp on his dragon-bedeviled meanderings to catch a mass killer in the wilds of Washington’s untamed Olympic Peninsula, while making his own 12-step, spiritual journey from fatherhood to ‘featherhood’ and back again. Transmigration has never been this dangerous … or this much fun.

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a collection of short fiction by Elizabeth Ensgstrom

In this collection of short fiction, Elizabeth Engstrom expertly plies her trade as a veteran storyteller. Handpicked from her archives of dark and haunting short stories, she has chosen those that will take you on some extraordinary excursions.

She’ll take you across the River Styx, welcome you aboard the judgment day train, let you witness the righteous death of a bad, bad man, climb aboard a mothballed Navy destroyer out for revenge, and take you to a tattoo parlor for a transforming experience. You’ll find mystery, horror, erotica, science fiction, fantasy and humor, side by side with moving human drama and cautionary, moral tales. In this volume, you’ll view the world through her dark and edgy lens, distorting your vision and nicking your heart ever so gently in the process. 

These stories are not for the faint of heart, the squeamish, or the prudish. Engstrom reaches deep, and pulls forth some harsh realities. If you want light entertainment, you’ll find some of that here. But for the most part, sit back and get ready for a ride that will take you to places within yourself that you never knew existed.

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The Northwoods Chronicles

a novel by Lorelei Shannon, Stephen C. Merritt, and Alan M. Clark

The Blood of Father Time, Book 2: The Mystic Clan's Grand Plat, is a time-travel fantasy inspired by actual historical events and the outlaw clans of early eighteen-hundreds Tennessee.

Joel Biggs, an alcoholic history professor, is tormented by memories of a traumatic childhood adventure through time. The only person who could confirm the reality of this fantastic event has recently died and Joel has begun to doubt everything, even his own sanity. The only way he can find peace is to travel back in time once more. If Joel can find his friend Mark, left behind in the 1800's, perhaps he can redeem himself. But that means returning to a time and place of incredible danger, brutal violence, and sudden death. Joel will have to face overwhelming hardship—and he will have to face himself.

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Baggage Check

a novel by Elizabeth Engstrom

In this gritty, hard-hitting story, a young mom gets caught up in a complex web of drug smuggling and money laundering, unwittingly putting her son’s life at risk. She bravely and courageously faces down the bad guys and finds love in an unexpected place with an unlikely partner. A riveting, fast-paced thriller expertly told by veteran storyteller Elizabeth Engstrom.

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How I Met My Alien Bitch Lover: Book # 1 from the Sunny World Inquisition Daily Letter Archives

a novel by Eric Witchey

Hiding from a black ops agency bent on saving the world from a threat that may not even exist, Len Furstin has taken a job as a reporter for the Sunny World Inquisiton Daily Letter (SWInDL), a batbaby and bigfoot type tabloid. In his guise as reporter, he seeks proof of alien visitations. When a young grad student desperate to reclaim her family's ranch offers to sell Furstin that proof, he follows her deep into a storm made up of unnatural lightning, wildfire, techno-ninjas, hormones, a soul-sick forest ranger, an coyote-hunting ostrich farmer, creepy coyotes, and a space alien. In the end, only one version of the story will be told -- the one told by the survivors.

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a novel by Elizabeth Engstrom

Peter and Tess, both damaged by their various encounters with family and love, meet in a bar and go back to his place for the night. There, they discover the freedom of unconditional love and acceptance and retreat from the world to search for the meaning of life in each other. Eventually, their experiment takes a dark turn. A dark, disturbing novel of love and obsession by veteran author Elizabeth Engstrom.

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The Blood of Father Time, Book 1: The New Cut

a novel by Lorelei Shannon, Stephen C. Merritt, and Alan M. Clark

Joel Biggs is twelve years old—the intelligent, brutalized, bullying son of an alcoholic father. On a walk down a sunlit Tennessee creek, Joel and his friends run afoul of a band of river pirates and come to realize they’ve gone a hundred years back in time, into unimaginable danger. Joel must use all his cunning, skill, and strength to get his friends back home.

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Th Apple Sniper

a short story by Elizabeth Engstrom

This short story by award-winning writer Eric M. Witchey explores the nurturing relationship between the village and the aspiring warrior. It is one of a dozen or so short stories the author affectionately calls "The Neighborhood Stories" because of their loose relationship to the neighborhood in which he was raised. Each explores the relationship between developing children and the adults they will become. “The Apple Sniper” follows the exploits of an aspiring killer and his younger brother.

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a short story by Elizabeth Engstrom

Veteran writer Elizabeth Engstrom is at her best with her finely-crafted short fiction. Known for her dark fantasy novels and stories as well as mysteries, she combines genres here in “Crosley,” an erotic story of love and loss, of longing and heartbreak and justice. Engstrom is the author of thirteen books and well over 250 short stories, articles and essays. Her most recent novel is York’s Moon, a critically-acclaimed mystery, and her most recent nonfiction book is Crimescape’s Something Happened to Grandma. Engstrom is an author, teacher, editor and former publisher who is a sought-after panelist, keynote speaker and instructor at writing conferences and conventions around the world. She is on faculty at the University of Phoenix. 

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Brittle Bones and Old Rope

a short story by Alan M. Clark

World Fantasy Award-winner Alan M. Clark brings you “Brittle Bones and old Rope,” the story of a dead little boy’s search for meaning. Dylan and his companions, seven other dead individuals, occupy a country cemetery. To leave the confines of the cemetery is to “pass on,” as they call it, but it is unclear what that means. An unaccountable pain that grows worse with time eventually forces everyone to pass on. Those who have, seem to disappear upon leaving the graveyard and may merely cease to exist. Dylan has been dead for a long time, longer than he lived. He resists the pain and is unwilling to go to whatever lies beyond death without first understanding the purpose of his existence. He cannot endure the thought that his life and death have meant nothing, and he is determined to perform some act that will give his existence worth before passing on.

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To Kill a Common Loon

a novel by Mitch Luckett

“I had to become a bird in order to become a man,” Grandfather Two Loons told the boy. The boy grew up into a latter-day minstrel, wandering the highways with his dog, Medusa. He’s lost his way. He’s lost his knack for carrying a tune. He’s thrust into the Olympic Mountain wilderness without a clue how to survive. He’s got a dragon on his tail, a cougar at his throat and a murder on his hands. His one saving grace is he’s got avian pluck in his heart. With spiritual guidance, he might be able to solve the murder, get back his beat, and find a place to call home.

“LOON reads like a cross between Carl Hiaason and Edward Abbey. Mitch Luckett has invented crazy but convincing characters, both human and animal, in a magically, realistic whodunit. I loved it, especially for its subtle message that without a connection with the natural world, humans are destined to wander about the earth with no real spiritual grounding. I’ve always wanted to come back as a raven. Now, I’m not so sure.”

--Mick Houck, writer, and Audubon Society of Portland's Urban Naturalist and Executive Director at Urban Greenspaces Institute, Oregon.

“LOON asks, what if you accidentally shape-changed into your spirit animal and it was not a noble predator but a low-on-the-food-chain prey? Add a human whodunit to the mix and you get an off-beat, juicy stew. LOON is that rarest of literary birds: a funny book with a vital message.”

--M. K. Wren, author of the "Conan Flagg" mystery series and novel, A Gift Upon the Shore.

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To Build a Boat, Listen to Trees

a novelette by Eric Witchey

Award-winning writer Eric M. Witchey penned this novelette in which compassion, heart, and attention to the whispers of the natural world create love, thwart enemies, and save a kingdom.

Port Corwald, A peaceful maritime city state in the mists of the distant past, is threatened by warring nations on all sides. An old carpenter, a young mute, and a princess band together to save their home.

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The Christmas Thingy

a children's book by F. Paul Wilson, illustrated by Alan M. Clark

Best selling author F. Paul Wilson and award-winning illustrator Alan M. Clark offer up this fun children's Christmas story about little Jessica, who wishes for a monster of her own for Christmas, and then gets more (and less) than she could have hoped for.

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The Tao of Flynn

an novelette by Eric Witchey

Sometimes, a liar can be the most honest man in the room.

Magic surrounds us all the time, but Richard wouldn't have believed it until he met Flynn, a self-avowed lying salesman who makes his way in the world by giving people what they want. 

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Beyond the Serpent's Heart

a novel by Eric Witchey

Nothing ruins a first date like a kidnapping and learning you're the Mayan god destined to destroy the world.

Pakál, raised in the U.S. by his refugee mother, ignores the Mexican kids who taunt him for being Indio and the Anglo kids who shun him. He stoically pursues his version of the American dream – a good college, a law degree, and enough money to support his mother and marry the gringo girl of his dreams. Unfortunately, he is the incarnation of the Mayan god Nohochacum, and it is his job to battle the serpent of avarice in a one-on-one smack down that will cause the end of the world on Dec. 21st, 2012. Not all gods think it’s a good idea to end the world (and give up the worshipers that will end with it). Pakál must deal with his mother’s past, his family demons (divine and human), and a pantheon of gods unlike anything the U.S. school system ever suggested possible. In the end, he must accept his mythic nature, duty, and family in order to overcome the serpent of avarice and set the world on a path that will avert disaster at the end of the Mayan calendar.

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Book Tailer/Music Video

Book trailer for A Brutal Chill in August, by Alan M. Clark. Paperback and ebook published by Word Horde,  audio book by IFD Publishing.